Karolev cruelly slammed Toma Belev and his nasty PR on the back of BG carriers

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Karolev cruelly slammed Toma Belev and his nasty PR on the back of BG carriers

Economist Vladimir Karolev defeated the “green” Toma Belev, who tried to make a nasty PR on the back of the Bulgarian carriers who are protesting in Brussels in connection with the Mobility Package.

Blitz reminds that yesterday it was understood that Bulgaria lost the battle in Strasbourg with only two votes. Karolev strikes Belev in Facebook. Under his post, the economist had shared the "deduction" of the "green" Toma. Here is what Vladimir Karolev wrote (we publish his words without editorial intervention): The “intellectual” leader of the “party-green grant users” thought about why the Bulgarian carriers would still hire an aircraft to go to protest in Brussels according to the “Macron” plan. He probably walks with his wife in Switzerland to negotiate money for “green” projects in Bulgaria but in fact most of them are just a hindrance to the development of winter and summer tourism in Bulgaria and the development of the mining industry. Cynical pseudo-green grant users! And he posted "... like that for reflection." Since when he and his group of fans think? Toma Belev had written: "Bulgarian carriers will hire a plane for protest in Brussels for the second time. I leave it like that for reflection". Source: blitz.bg


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